Zafari’s parents are deceased so he lives in a home type orphanage in Jinja, Uganda. This huge family of 40 is filled with love, laughter, prayers and dancing. His village language is normally spoken in the home. The children are also taught some Swahili and a little English. Zafari loves to play soccer.

Christ's Love For Children Orphanage
Jinja, Uganda, Arfrica

Zafari Nsubuga
8 year old Boy
Birthdate: May 14, 2012
Grade: 3

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The children enjoy dancing

Christ's Love For Children orphanage

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About Christ's Love for Children Orphanage

Christ’s Love for Children is a non-profitable organization founded by Mr. Kajumbi John Baptist and his wife Susan in response to the increasing number of orphaned children. We operate through our church and reach out to the need communities with the message of hope and love and our message is for the church to stand up and rescue the vulnerable because it’s the Father’s heart to set the lonely in families. Christ’s Love currently looks after 38 children offering them the basic needs like food, shelter, clothing, education and the necessary support for them to grow at our children’s center. We surely believe no child should grow up abandoned, neglected, orphaned for every child has a right to feel loved and that’s Christ’s Love for the Children




How much is the monthly payment:
     answer: $35
How much of this is used to support my child
     Answer: $33
Can I send my child gifts?
     Answer: Shipping from the US to Africa is very expensive, however products usually cost about the same as they do in the US, so it is much more cost efficient to send a financial gift with instructions as ti what the gift should be used for. We are usually able to upload a photo of your child with their gift.

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