The first time I visited an orphanage in Kenya, I was horrified.  In the little boys room, there was a dirty torn up crib size mattress for 3 boys to sleep on.

Where the 2 little girls slept was worse. They had no mattress at all, and the blanket they shared was just a sheet.

The only place they had to play was packed dirt where a few chickens scratched for bugs nearby.

But our team is changing that

Grow Our Faith Orphanage in Eldoret, Kenya

We are in the process of opening our orphanage in Kenya. Micah Simiyu is our director and has a passionate love for the children who are being neglected. He has found an orphanage where the children go days at a time without being fed and has volunteered to live in our orphanage to care for the children we rescue.

There are 10 neglected, orphaned children currently living in this situation that need to be rescued.

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Sponsor a child

Send us a message to sponsor a new child in Kenya. The cost is $100 to rescue a child and then $35 per month to feed your sponsored child. We will send you an invoice along with information on the child.

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Meet our Orphanage Team


Our team leader grew up in an orphanage that was neglectful.  Micah is the director of the Grow Our Faith Orphanage in Eldoret.

John Baptist

John is the Director of a happy, well-run family style orphanage


We offer education to orphanage directors
in creating an orphanage that feels like a family


It is almost impossible to feed a large family every day. We help orphanages find sponsors for the kids

Medical Care

Most of the children arrived malnourished and with medical problems, so our medical team comes to the orphanage


Whether they need help with bookkeeping or building a website, we are there to support them.