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Vision for the Future

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     Water Team: build and maintain borehole well machine, travel to villages
     Family: Parenting Classes, First Aid, Marriage and Family counseling
     Medical: Traveling Nurse and staff,Medical supplies 
     Education: School resources for teachers, home school resources for parents
     Ministry: Women's Conferences, Family conferences, Children's ministry, & Meals
     Support for Pastors and Orphanages


Our Home

Once we have found the area we will settle in, we will look for a piece of property to build on. The first phase of the 'compound' will include Don's workshop where the Borehole digging machine will be built. Young men are already lining up to work with Don to bring his ideas to life and to learn the skills it takes to build and maintain the equipment.

In addition to Don's workshop, there will be the main building which includes several apartments, the main dining room, main kitchen and a chapel. The dining room will have 6 tables and when not being used for meals will double as office space for men and women to start their own online business, allowing them to create an income to support their families.

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Cars need a lot of maintenance in Uganda and Kenya because of the poor roads. our driver will need to have some experience with simple repairs and a garage to do the repairs in and store his tools. Because of the road conditions, our first vehicle needs to be a 4 wheel drive with big tires. A used one will cost about $6,000 and we plan on purchasing it in late April or early May of this year. We hope to include a bus in the future so that our teams can travel easily to the surrounding villages.

currently we have $3,500 of the needed $6,000 for the car.



Our 2 bedroom apartment will have a front porch and window looking at prayer mountain. There will be another apartment for visiting missionaries, and one for the couple who will cook and maintain the compound. There will be a bunk room for the single men who work with Don. Individual homes will be built for the families of team members.


Prayer Garden

At the entrance of the compound, there will be a Large Cross with water pouring from the nail holes into the baptismal pond below.  Don has been drawing this cross for over 20 years, our prayer garden will feature a view of our lake and Prayer Mountain.

The Cross


There will be a vegetable and herb garden will be near the kitchen. Orange and Lemon trees will be planted. Chickens and other animals will be raised for food, although Don says no one will eat his goats. He's decided to have 2 goats in our fenced in yard along with an outside dog.


The Interview on Geeks4Christ

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Missions 2020 in Kenya and Uganda

missions 2020

Healing the Hearts

Due to generations of families being broken due to lack of food, African Families have a brokenness about them. God has given us the mission to Heal the Hearts of Mothers in Africa. These mothers are eagerly waiting for our return to spread this teaching of how to give and receive nurturing love.

The Villages

We visited schools and orphanages. We will be provided eye glasses, Medicines, and encourage families everywhere we go and ministering in the orphanages.

Eldoret, Kenya

As I arrived, I heard little voices shouting 'Shosh' (Grandma). And of course, they run straight into my arms.  I encouraged them in their school work.

Jinja, Uganda

I was able to buy a mattress and sleep on the floor next to the Girls. For a week, I lived with this happy, faith-filled family in their teeny tiny home. In the 10x10' living room, I was amazed when over 20 little kids would sit quietly and patiently waiting to be served dinner. It seemed everyone was happy to do their part to make the family run smoothly.

Bungoma, Kenya

I stayed several nights at Hour of Freedom orphanage.

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God's Heart of Love
to His Daughters in Kenya

Please Pray for Our Mission and for the women of Kenya