We are looking for unimproved property

For less than $30,000 we can buy a few acres to build our headquarters

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A place to meet

We need a large open space where we can all meet together and a few offices for administration

An apartment

Mama Debbie & Papa Don will have their apartment here, looking over Prayer Mountain and close to our friends.

Visiting missions

We plan to have a dorm room for our visitors. We also have plans for a large kitchen so meals can be prepared to take to villages

Papa's Workshop

Papa loves to teach young people.  As an inventor, he will show them how to put ideas into action and how to maintain the equipment

Test Garden

Our garden will be used to feed our teams but also allow us to test new ideas in farming


Next to our garden, we'll have a place to raise animals so that we have babies to give the farmers


313 N Vine st
Du Quoin, IL, 62832, US

About us

We prefer to 'teach a man to fish' rather than give him 'fish'. And then we ask him to 'teach others to fish'. In this way, we improve his family's life but also the lives of many others.

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