What's the best way to help a hungry child?

What's the solution? Give them food? No, the solution is to help the family create an income.

We prefer to 'teach a man to fish' rather than give him 'fish'. And then we ask him to 'teach others to fish'. In this way, we improve his family's life but also the lives of many others.

Introduce your team

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Our Team Leader is an expert in the field of AgriBusiness. We found him in Nairobi planting avocado trees for many families. As we listened, we realized he has great ideas that will allow us to help many.

Job Skills

Frequently no one in the family has learned a marketable job skill and so we have several they can learn. Sewing and website design are just 2 of the options.

Family business

We teach families how to start and run their own business and when appropriate, we help them market their product online.


Our team meets to assess the needs of the families and determine the most effective was we can assist them

Animal Farming

It's easy to start farming with just a few chicks, rabbits, ducks, or goats. Cows are more expensive to begin with but also have many benefits.

Crop Farming

Whether its renting land for a garden , supplying seed or teaching conservation, there are many ways we can assist those who enjoy farming.