Why are Education Centers Needed?

Extreme Poverty

Many families in Kenya still cannot afford the tuition the government schools require. Without an education it is almost impossible to get a job because of the high unemployment rate. Single mothers are especially at risk of being without an education or an income and are often forced to turn to prostitution to feed their children.  Many families are not able to eat every day because of a lack of income.

Grow Our Faith Education Centers

Our Education Centers use online resources and local resources to provide 3 types of educational training. We offer up to  HIGH SCHOOL EDUCATION, VOCATIONAL TRAINING, and SMALL BUSINESS TRAINING. Using our methods, any student will not only have the equivalent of a high school education but they will gain the skills to get a job or start their own business.

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Grow Our Faith Education Centers

Preschool-High School

Our classroom offers an education for up to 30 students at a time. We use an individualized approach to education, allowing anyone at any level to receive up to a high school education for FREE. Guided by our coaches, each student, ages 3 through adult, progresses at their own pace in the online environment. Children 3 and over, as well as adults are welcomed into this program. Students are able to take a (paid) government exam to earn their high school degree at the end of the program.

Vocational Training

We offer many different types of vocational training depending on the coaches and equipment available. We offer courses like website design, computer maintenance, tailoring, hairdressing, vehicle maintenance, welding, child care, construction, electrical engineering 

Small Business Incubator

For families who want to start their own business, we have resources such as business ideas, business planning, research, bookkeeping, marketing, online selling, and microloans.

For the Community

Using high speed internet access gives the entire community the opportunity to do online research to learn about anything. There is an immense amount of knowledge available at the fingertips of someone who is familiar with using the internet. Our coaches are available to assist anyone in the community who wants to learn.

Cost of an Education Center?

With just $45,000 to build and a monthly budget under $1,000, Grow Our Faith Education Centers change the lives of an entire community and the future of Kenya. Please donate now or contact us for further details.