Tuition is Expensive

Our education team is working on teaching videos and a program to work with churches who will let us hold classes in the church. We are looking for volunteers from each village to work with the children and within a year, we should have schools children can attend for free.

Tuition at government schools ranges $300-$600 per child per year and the average annual income is $1,800. 

Our Plan

Joseph Wamalwa

Pastor Joseph comes to us with a lot of experience in teaching. He is ready to see change. 

Create Video Lessons

Kenyan teachers are creating video lessons for every age and field of study

Use a Church

Churches are empty during school hours. Let's make use of this available space.

Village Volunteers

Grandparents are happy to see the children get a better education

Video Chats

We'll have experienced teachers available to video chat with our students.


Students will be able to take the standard government tests to graduate.


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About us

We prefer to 'teach a man to fish' rather than give him 'fish'. And then we ask him to 'teach others to fish'. In this way, we improve his family's life but also the lives of many others.

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