Tuition is Expensive

Our education team is working on teaching videos and a program to work with churches who will let us hold classes in the church. We are looking for volunteers from each village to work with the children and within a year, we should have schools children can attend for free.

Tuition at government schools ranges $300-$600 per child per year and the average annual income is $1,800. 

Our Plan

Joseph Wamalwa

Pastor Joseph comes to us with a lot of experience in teaching. He is ready to see change. 

Create Video Lessons

Kenyan teachers are creating video lessons for every age and field of study

Use a Church

Churches are empty during school hours. Let's make use of this available space.

Village Volunteers

Grandparents are happy to see the children get a better education

Video Chats

We'll have experienced teachers available to video chat with our students.


Students will be able to take the standard government tests to graduate.